Organization Consulting

We provide insight, guidance, and structure to manage the complexities and challenges that exist when merging and expanding—or simply growing. 


Our cognitive behavioral and solutions-focused coaching, augmented by self-awareness tools, help individuals and teams create realistic action plans. Effective coaching reveals strengths and blind spots that enhance or inhibit followership.


Team Development

We have the experience to help you build high-performing teams, resulting in increased productivity and improved collaboration. Team over individual – our success over my success.

Virtual Team Development

Geographically disbursed teams are the new normal—but can create challenges. We help you build relationships and achieve better business results within your virtual teams.

Facilitation and Training

Beth Harrelson is a skilled facilitator who engages the audience in learning. Her flexible approach enables her to assess the audience and shift the focus based on the audience’s needs.

Productivity Training and Coaching

Want to take control of your life and achieve superior results? This coaching approach focuses on individual work style, organization skills, productivity,  and personal empowerment.